Together we are facing this new challenge of coronavirus (COVID-19).  To protect ourselves and our horses, we have issued guidelines based on those of the CDC and American Horse Council.  These may evolve as more is learned.

  • Do not come to the stables if you are ill (even mildly).  The virus may spread even before symptoms emerge.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds upon arrival and upon leaving the stable.  Wash/sanitize your hands before touching horses, equipment, or frequently touched surfaces.  
  • Clean and then sanitize tack (according to product instructions).  Peaceful Bay Stables is cleaning surfaces regularly.
  • Keep to small groups and stay at least 6 feet apart.
  • Avoid raising dust. Wet your horse before brushing (moisten coat with a damp towel or use a damp brush). Do not shake out items.
  • Prepare for your horse's long-term care should you need to stay home or veterinary supplies are limited.
  • ​The CDC is now recommending the use of masks for further protection.  


The virus is released in droplets as one coughs or sneezes.  These can be inhaled if one is very near (less than 6 feet) and the virus can stay on surfaces for days.  Your hands and clothes can carry the virus around.  The virus can only enter one's body through your mouth, nose, or eyes, so scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds (e.g., sing 20 seconds of your favorite song) often and especially before touching your face if you must.  Soap and vigorous scrubbing are very effective at removing the virus.  When you can't wash, use hand sanitizer (at least 70% alcohol - not drinking alcohol).  Sneeze into tissues and throw them away immediately.  Sneeze or cough into your elbow if no tissue is available.  


An equine case of COVID-19 has not been identified as of this time.  It is not known whether animal fur could be a surface where the virus could hang out, so wash before handling your horse and its tack and limit who touches your horse to a minimum.  The virus might drop out of objects or be raised in dust, so don't shake out horse blankets or other items before washing them.  Prepare in case you might have to self-isoloate.  See the AVMA website for guidance regarding your animals and COVID-19.   It is advisable to make a plan regarding who would care for your horse and having enough of their supplies and veterinary medicines on hand.  


Peaceful Bay Stables is a home to your horses and a home away from home for you.  We are here to help keep you and your horses safe.  Thank you for following these simple guidelines so we all stay in good health.  

More detailed information on barn protocols in an excellent article available here.    ​

A Caring Message to Our Boarders and Visitors